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Welcome to the World Map of Coffee


This map shows a collection of coffee locations based on several blogs and coffee lists from the internet. The map shows all reviews and locations found.

As a specialty coffee drinker you are always looking for the best spots to drink your favorite espresso, slow coffee or cappuccino. Even on holidays or business trips you want the best option. You explore the internet for blogs about coffee in your city, or ask your friends where to go. This map collects the best blogs and internetlists about espresso shops in the world.

You can zoom in to your location or select the teardrop to show where you are. By clicking on a cluster less then or equal to 15, it will show a list of the reviews. You click on a coffee shop to open its web page, or on the name of the reviewer to show the review text on the original site (if available). By (de)selecting the layers on the top right of the screen, you can select the review sites that has the best options for that location. Select the Maptiler map to show English location names.


This map is built by koffiestrateeg (website in dutch) You can contribute to this map as a developer, owner, blogger or espresso drinker. Please leave a message via his site.


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